Indigenous Message on Water / Mensaje Indígena de Agua

Valle Okonagan

(Lea la versión en español abajo…)

This multilingual anthology (English/Spanish/Native language/s) has gathered wisdom, thoughts, verses, short-stories, poems, and general reflections on the various local issues pertaining to Water, written by East/West/North/South indigenous elders, activists and poets: Pinay, Maori, Hau’ula and Chamoru friends from the Pacific; Sakha from Russia; Cree, Tsalagi, Cherokee, Yoeme, Anishinaabe, Lakota, Lipan Apache, Metis, Lōh and Gitxan friends from North America; K’iche’, Kaqchikel, and Q’anjob’al friends from Guatemala; Maya and Nahuatl friends from Mexico; Wayuu, Palenque and Guna friends from the Caribe; Uitoto, Okaina and Tikuna from the Amazonia; Camëntá from Putumayo; Yanakuna and Mapuche-Huilliche friends from the Andes and the farthest lands of the Deep South.

If you would like to have the electronic version of this unique compilation, CLICK HERE

In peace and friendship.

Juan Sanchez, co-editor

Libro Piedra


El Mensaje Indígena de Agua fue parte del Foro Indígena Mundial sobre el Agua y la Paz 2014. Esta antología multilingüe (español/inglés/lenguas nativas) reúne consejas, pensamientos, versos, cuentos, poemas y reflexiones sobre problemáticas locales relacionadas con el agua, donados para el proyecto por activistas y escritores del Este, Norte, Oeste y Sur: amigos Chamoru, Pinay, Maori y Hau’ula del Pacífico; Sakha de Russia; amigos Cree, Tsalagi, Cherokee, Yoeme, Anishinaabe, Lakota, Lipan Apache, Metis, Lōh y Gitxan de Norteamérica; K’iche’, Kaqchikel, y Q’anjob’al de Guatemala; Maya y Nahuatl de México; Wayuu, Palenque y Guna del Caribe; Uitoto, Okaina y Tikuna de la Amazonía; Camëntá del Putumayo; Yanakuna y Mapuche-Huilliche de los Andes y de las tierras últimas del Sur Profundo.

Si quieres una copia electrónica de esta compilación, HAZ CLICK AQUÍ

Paz y amistad.

Juan Sanchez, co-editor



3 thoughts on “Indigenous Message on Water / Mensaje Indígena de Agua

  1. Yes I am going to send my reflections, stories and message as a member of the indigenous Kankanaey Tribe from Bila, Bauko (Western Bontoc), Mountain Province. I will also request our indigenous leaders to share their myth, stories about the significance of water in our community life, and the threats to its sustainability as perceived by them.

  2. Agua para la niñez indígena Wayuu

  3. […] e-book version is available to treasure and consult. You may go here to download for the minimal cost of $7.00. When you do, you’ll know you are serving Water. The proceeds go to […]

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